06 Using Dell New Support API with Powershell

Using Dell’s New Support API with PowerShell

For the longest time if you needed to get warranty information from dell you had two ways of doing it:

  1. Manually typing in the service tag on Dell’s site
  2. Scripting the process using Dell’s AssetService web service.

The first one works and still will as long as dell is in business. The problem you run into is what do you do when your boss wants a report of the warranty status of all of the workstations and servers in your organization?That’s where the second option comes into play. It gives you the option of creating a SOAP web request with the service tag and it returns an XML file with a few things:

  • Ship Date
  • When the warranty ends
  • Type of warranty
  • Model of computer
  • And much more!

That’s why if you can script out the process of doing it you save a lot of time. Using WMI you can get the service ta


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